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Faculty development Programs(FDP)

Faculty development has become a priority at many academic institutions as a way to improve the quality of academic programs and to respond to emerging faculty, student, program, and industry needs.

CAD HOME INSTITUTES has taken major initiative in strengthening Engineering Faculty’s CAD/CAM/CAE & Engineering Design and Analysis education and training, through the Faculty Development Programs (FDP). We have conducted several number of FDP’s in association with Engineering Colleges in the area of CAD/CAM/FEA & CFD. Parent Software Companies also take active part in organizing such programs.

Our FDP’s focusses on

  • • Training and upgrading Faculty on latest versions of CAD/CAM/CAE Softwares
  • • Implementing Teaching Methodology as per Revised Syllabus of various Universities using CAD/CAM/CAE Softwares.
  • • Industrial Case Studies / Projects / Assignments
  • • CAD/CAM/CAE Software Industrial Tips & Tricks
  • • Engineering Domain oriented Training Programs


Reinforce new concepts with hands-on exercises that put your learning in action


READY is the Buzz word for Industry, The learning system followed is replica to real time applications in Industry, making the candidates professional & can immediately be Developed on the Projects.


Meet face-to-face with expert instructors; participate in question & answer sessions throughout the course. An interactive session full of examples, exercises, project based learning builds a great peer group that facilitates quicker problem solving.